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Welcome to Sterling Software

Sterling Software Pvt. Ltd., is a leading Technology and Software Solution Provider in the niche vertical of the Mutual Fund Industry both in India and abroad.

Its Software products and services covering many application areas are termed "Best of Brand" services within the Indian Fund Industry. Sterling Software designs software solutions and products to keep pace with today's changing market place. Its software applications and products, support all participants in the fund industry, be it the Fund House, the Distributor and/or Investor.

In addition, Sterling Software has a large pool of in house expertise to continually develop appropriate and advanced technology requirements to the financial services market in general and Fund Industry in particular.

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  • Their approach to business requirements, value added inputs, attention to details and good understanding of client's needs are exceptional. Sterling Software's performance in each project has consistently increased our confidence levels with them and made them our most preferred partners
    Gaurav Nagori
    Vice President & Head (Client Response & Operations)
    DSP BlackRock Investment Managers Pvt. Ltd.
  • They are highly processes oriented; discussions and deliverables have given us a constant experience to move ahead. It is not out of place to mention their approach to requirements elicitation, value added inputs and understanding the client needs is unique and remarkable
    Madhusudan Warrier
    Senior Vice President-IT
    IDFC Asset Management Company Ltd.
  • In terms of its sophistication, use and scope, it is unparalleled comparing to any softwares used by any other R&TA in Mutual Fund industry
    V Srinivasan
    Vice President (Operations)
    Computer Age Management Services Pvt. Ltd.
  • This sustained excellence is largely possible only through a stable application product suite of Sterling Software and through its quality driven, highly skilled and motivated staff
    N Ramakrishnan
    Vice President-IT
    Computer Age Management Services Pvt. Ltd.
  • The project was managed very professionally and within stringent timelines. Right from the planning stage till the final delivery and deployment, we found a high degree of ownership and resilience from the team in gathering and understanding client requirements, evaluating and offering alternate solutions, appropriately resourcing the project implementation team and ensuring timely and error free delivery.
    Vinod Venkateswaran
    Director – Operations
    FIL Fund Management Private Limited



Sterling Software has a library of core products, which meets the software requirements of Mutual Fund Asset Management Companies, Fund Distributors and other intermediaries.All its products are designed and customized using Client Server Architecture for Oracle Databases with Microsoft .Net and other Internet enabled front ends.

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Best price/quality ratio backed by proven project management, quality assurance and risk management practices.Focus on solving business problems rather than selling specific skills or products.Full compliance with business requirements through visual modeling and iterative prototyping.Faster time-to market.

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